Environment and Recycling

At Arica, we believe in environmental sustainability. As leading water fountain and urban furniture manufacturers, we invest considerable resources in reducing environmental waste.

Waste reduction is an important part of what helps sustain our planet. We feel it is our responsibility to encourage our consumers to drink public water rather than purchase bottled water, and reuse their plastic bottles by filling them with water from our fountains. By creating advanced, easy-to-use, accessible water fountains, we help reduce non-biodegradable plastic consumption and decrease unnecessary waste.

As large-scale manufacturers, we also have a responsibility to use recycled materials throughout our work process, and that's exactly what we do. Currently, all of our concrete products are made of 100% recycled aggregate, and we keep finding new ways of incorporating the recycling process into our manufacturing system.

Do you have a green idea that could help us help protect the environment? Write to us! 

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