About us

Arica was founded in 1931 by Yehuda Arica. The company specializes in product design and manufacturing for urban environments and public areas.

Our main area of expertise is drinking fountains – where we apply our knowledge and experience in the field of public drinking water to the design and development of cutting-edge products. Our wide range of solutions and products also include street benches, dustbins, picnic seats, pergolas and more.

Our Story

In the early 1930's, Tel Aviv resident Yehuda Arica began learning mosaic craftsmanship from Italian craftsmen who had come to the city for work. Yehuda eventually became an expert mosaic craftsman and spearheaded hundreds of projects throughout Israel.

In 1961, Yehuda and his sons Danny, Yoel and Ami established a large factory in the city of Ashdod. In the beginning, the factory supplied mosaics and stairways for buildings.

In the 1970's, they began to collaborate with landscape architects who required designed elements for parks, public spaces and recreation areas. The factory began designing and manufacturing water fountains and urban furniture – a new concept in Israel at the time.

Our Company

Eventually, the factory grew into what it is today – a leading company that helps recreate urban landscapes.

Our company includes an in-house studio, where we plan and design unique and innovative products that enhance urban architecture and embrace current urban trends. The studio works in unison with our team of engineers, who plan our products and assemble them on-site.

The company also operates a vast staircase factory, which has been one of our cornerstones since the very beginning. We are currently Israel's leading staircase provider, and our engineers assemble an average of 20 floors a day of stairs for diverse clients.

Our professional departments work diligently together to provide tailor-made service for our clients worldwide. All of our products are made from recycled materials of the highest quality. We are committed to attention to detail and quality control throughout our products' entire lifecycle.

We invite you to meet with us and learn more about what we do.