Arica's unique product designs helps realize the company's vision of recreating and innovating global urban street cultures.

Our design studio is a critical part of our manufacturing process. Managed by a team of professional industrial designers, the studio's core values include creativity, innovation, strictness and precision.

The studio's main goal is to provide the public with an enhanced outdoor experience. With product functionality as our major guideline, we focus on creating a sense of community and collective happiness.

Our product designs stem from specific client requests, as well as our own initiatives, based on our understanding of current needs. From water fountains and public benches to dustbins and picnic tables, we specialize in creating diverse designs that fit the needs of all populations and age groups.

We believe in research excellence as a basis for accurate design. The studio's collaboration with engineering and manufacturing departments, combined with extensive knowledge and experience, enables us to generate products that incorporate cutting-edge technology and embody the highest production standards.

Our studio provides clients with unrivaled service, from the initial concept and technological integration to product manufacturing and assembly. It's a collaboration filled with creativity – which we embrace with open arms.