At Arica, we view technology and innovation not as a goal, but rather as a means for developing cutting-edge products that meet current needs.

Since its inception, Arica's objective has always been to serve the public in the best possible way. In order to do that, we invest in technology and 'out of the box' thinking.

we view water fountains as cutting-edge products. Over the years, we have introduced advanced technologies into our concrete-based fountains, including spouts with water purifying filters and replaceable push buttons and spouts.

The seeds for our solar-powered water fountain were planted when we decided to invest in a solution that would allow people to drink cold water in outdoor public areas, where fountains are rarely connected to electricity. So we began experimenting with the idea of a solar-powered water fountain, until we found the right design and technology for this unique product.

Our technology teams have also developed new concrete textures and shapes, as well as improved and enriched concrete for our products. Today, we create fountains from a myriad of materials – from granite and metal to concrete and aluminum – and use advanced quality control methods to manufacture innovative urban furniture.

We take great pride in being an important part of an innovative industry that helps people connect with their environments. And we are excited to help shape a promising future.